Friday Night Poker )

Every Friday night me and about 15 of my friends play poker for money starting at 7 pm and lasts until about midnight. After work I usually orders some pizza, subs and fill my coolers up with beer, pop and water. We have hours of fun and talk about work and about our families.

Once a month I will call in and ask for a couple of ladies from Derby escorts to stop in and visit us. We like meeting new people so we will ask for someone that has never stopped in at our gathering. They usually will come over for a couple of hours and they sit and play poker with us and they fit in like one of the guys. It is a pretty fun time and it has been our tradition for over 4 years.

What a Party )

My sons third birthday party was last weekend. I held the party in the local park because it was easier access for everyone that was invited. The party actually went fantastic. Everyone that was supposed to show up came, and some even brought along guests. I was actually rather impressed with who my brother brought along with him. It was a young lady named Sophie who works for Nottingham escorts. She was extremely polite and awesome with all of the kids. She actually spent a majority of her time in the bouncy house and helping out with face paintings on everyone. It was rather sweet if you ask me. But all in all the party was great and my boy had an amazing time. To me it is still hard to see him as a three year old still. I can only see him as that sweet little boy freshly wrapped in a blue blanket.

Dreading It All )

I’m not looking forward to the meeting I am attending this Saturday night. For years now my husband has had a rather odd foot fetish Newcastle escorts and I finally convinced him to attend a meeting with other individuals with the same type of fetish as him. I feel very odd going with him as I am not the one with the issue, but I want to show him support in every way possible. This would not be such a big deal if he was not so embarrassed of himself for being so attracted to feet. Some people are able to be open and proud about it but that is just not him. I hope that by him going to the meeting he will understand that he is not alone and if he ever feels embarrassed there are others he can rely on to bring him back up on his feet.

How to wind down )

In the pursuit of adding to our extensive collection of pleasurable and fun massage techniques my shag buddy and I came across Nuru Gel. It is a form of massage that originated in Japan according to the research we found on the internet. Being the adventurous couple we are we ordered some gel off the site we found. The gel had finally arrived and we had been looking forward to it since it had been two very stressful weeks. Between making demanding deadlines and the normal hustle and bustle of modern day living we were looking forward to a night of relaxation and enjoyment. We set up our room for a night of pure pleasure. For optimal satisfaction of this type of massage we followed the directions to the letter. We have found that after many times using this form of massage is by far our massage of choice.

A Day At The Beach )

This past summer I went to the beach on a hot summer day with a couple of my friends. We were playing volleyball and the ball ending up rolling over to a group of woman bathing in the sun. The ball hit one of the ladies in the foot and she picked it up and started flirting with me immediately, I couldn’t believe it.

We started a conversation and then we went and sat for an afternoon of drinks at the outdoor bar and grill. Later that night she came back to my condo and we had a very intimate night until the sun came up. I knew that night that I had found the fuck buddy that I had been looking for and am experiencing one of the hottest experiences ever!

Pondering )

I schedule appointments for my job about three days a week and every time I end up talking to this man in his late thirties, he always asks me if I wanna fuck. He is single and very serious, he has been trying to reel me in for years. I think that I will eventually crack but right now I still like to go out and have fun with my friends.
I am not ready to settle down in any way, shape or form.

He tells me that he will wait for me until I am ready and how financially stable that he is and that I do not have to work anymore. That is a really nice perk that keeps me pondering on if this relationship would really work or not! I just keep telling him to give me some time and that I will eventually come to him when I am ready.

You Betrayed Me )

I absolutely love that some people think it is perfectly okay to steal your fuckbuddies. Especially when they are your friend! Or supposed to be your friend anyways. I couldn’t even believe it when my brother told me who my friend was hanging out with. Out of all people she chose my buddy, the one I have been meeting up with for years. Her excuse was that we were not in a relationship so she was not doing anything wrong. There are definitely two different ways to look at this, but I for one am looking at it as disrespect on both ends. I feel like I have to retaliate some how, I just do not know what I want to do yet. But when I do do something, they will both feel the same exact way as I do at this moment in time. Betrayed and angry.

Can You Tell The Difference? )

I had the chance last night to hang out with the most amazing guy I have ever met in my life, next to my father of course. He was tall, handsome and had a personality that could draw anyones attention at any moment in time. I know to some it may seem unethical, but I met him through escorts in Manchester. I called them a few days back so I could have someone to go out with me during the weekend. I didn’t tell any of my friends where I had met him, just because I know what their automatic reaction would be. So for the entire evening, we just pretended that we had known each other for a significant amount of time. Obviously we had done a great job, because none of my friends or family members could notice the difference.